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Silvio Carvalho

CEO e Founder
Silvio is trained in Business Administration with an MBA from Ibmec-RJ and an extension in Marketing from ESPM-SP, was an executive in the financial market and in recent years he founded startups linked to technology and use of databases to understand consumer behavior . Since 2014 he works with the development of young athletes in partnership with DFB technicians in Munich. He is a specialist in the development of systemic platforms for the management of customer relationships (CRM Systems) and has extensive experience in the management of large retail businesses, CRM and startups.


Max Cahen

Co-founder and Managing Director
With more than 20 years of experience in Marketing, Products, Business and Digital Channels, he held executive positions in companies such as BTG PACTUAL, BANCO ITAÚ, AMERICAN STORES, Oi TELECOM and COSAN. In 2013, his main project in the communications sector received the "BEST DIGITAL SYSTEM CUSTOMER SERVICE OF THE WORLD" prize in the 8th. CONTACT CENTER WORLD TOP RANKING PERFORMANCE AWARD. Graduated in Management, with an MBA from Insper, MAX is now fully dedicated to the training project of young athletes of the International Youth Academies.


Luis Fernando Paes de Barros

Head of Football and FutSal Development
Master of Physical Education and researcher of the Sports Performance Laboratory at USP, he was part of the national teams of Chile and Qatar and he also ministered several clinics and Futsal courses around the world, including for THE FA (English Football Federation) in 2014 and 2015 He was technician of the field football base in Santos FC from 2013 to 2015 and Palmeiras until 2016, when he was invited by the Agleymina Hamamatsu, first division club of Japanese Futsal, to coordinate the professional and base team.


Luis Torrey

Head of Football Development - Germany
Formed at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and licensed by DBF, the highest technical qualification in Germany. LUIZ TORREY has been active in German football since 1993, always focusing on the basic teams and on the application of the models conceived by the German Football Federation. Currently, he is technician of VfR Garchin, a team that plays in the main league of the country, the Bundesliga.


Ney Pereira

SR FutSal Consultant
Trained in Physical Education by the UFRJ and postgraduate in Sports Soccer Technique, Ney Pereira conquered practically everything in the Futsal, both as a player and as a coach and teacher. Ney Pereira achieved national and international titles as a player and, as a coach, in addition to collecting titles in clubs, state federations and in the national team, recently, under his command, Brazil managed to win all the titles he played in the 2013 season. Ney who won all the International Challenges of that year and was elected in 2014 the best coach in the world, according to the AGLA Futsal Awards 2013. The choice was made by the site Futsal Planet, specialized in the modality.


Rene Drezner

Sports Analytics and Data Science Consultant
Graduated in physical education and education from the University of São Paulo and the Master in the Sports area of the postgraduate program of Physical Education of the University of São Paulo, being the central subject of thesis the "analysis and modeling of the game in the In the case of the University of São Paulo and in the same institution, member of the Group of Studies of the Development of Motor Action and Intervention (GEDAIM), he was the Coordinator of the Group. of Studies and Investigations of Soccer and Futsal (GEPEFFS) of the School of Physical Education and Sports of the University of São Paulo, of his high academic training, brings his professional experience as analyst of performance of professional teams of high level male soccer, individual physical trainer of professional soccer players and physical preparation coordinator of high level professional women's soccer teams in Brazil, In addition to Technical and physical trainer of base category teams in football.


Erik Gekker

Erik is 21 years old and represents our conviction that sport can be an important lever for the formation of the individual. He is currently studying Business Administration at the York College of Pennsylvania and used the scholarship program to subsidize his training. His responsibility in the company is to act together with the universities and local scholarship programs through sports looking to increase and anticipate in the platform the indicators and tutorials that bring the criteria and values considered by the Universities for the selection of athletes.


Carioca Sant'Ana

Coach Suport
Graduate in Science and Methodology of Soccer and Futsal Training and High-Performance Training (UGF-Grêmio / RS) and Graduated with an extensive Degree in Physical Education (UFRRJ). As a Futsal athlete, he played among other clubs at Vasco da Gama and in Europe at St Patrick's Football Club / IE (2007/2008), being a national champion and having an effective participation in UEFA. In 2010 he worked at Grêmio as a performance analyst for athletes and currently he is Sports Director at the Serrano / RS Sport Club, President and founder of the Serrano Talent / RS Association (Field Football Project since 2012), Director and Professor at S 'The Sports Advisory and Project Manager of IES.


Fábio Dutra

Marketing Director
22 years of experience in organizational structure management for business development. Worked in companies in the areas of Sales, Products, Channels, Marketing, and CRM. His career was developed in the retail market, where he was at the forefront of customer management projects, product development, segmentation programs, management of commercial teams and sales channels, both online and offline. Throughout this period, he learned his business skills and team management, strategic planning, governance and control skills. As an entrepreneur created his own company after 4 years of international experience (Barcelona and Madrid). Also acted as senior commercial and marketing executive at several companies.


Marcelo Xavier

Sr Consultant
The Prof. Marcelo Xavier holds a Full Degree in Physical Education from UERJ. Currently, he teaches at CBF Academy, specifically in the A / B and PRO Performance Analysis courses. The Prof. Marcelo Xavier is also a Footlink Coordinator. In his professional experience, Marcelo was Physical Trainer of the Flamengo Regatta Club between 1999 and 2004; Operations Manager of Arena Petrobras during the Brazilian Championship Series A of 2005; Coordinator of the Sector Project at Botafogo Football and Regattas in 2010; Coordinator of the Department of Analysis of Performance of Botafogo Football and Regattas from 2012 to 2014; Technical Auxiliary and Performance Analyst of Boavista Sport Club in 2015; and Coordinator of the Center of Excellence and Performance of the Sports Club Vitória between 2015 and 2016.


Ruben Cabrera

Business Devlopment South América (except Brazil)
Ruben was a professional soccer player in Uruguay and had his career terminated prematurely due to a cruciate ligament injury. After the athlete life, he reached academic life, having graduated in Neurolinguistics with specialization in emotional intelligence (metaprograms) and maximization of physical and mental resources. As a professor of the Licentiate in Physical Education (Unesc), he worked on development of emotional competences (EQ) adapted to the sport practice, addressing topics as: Effective management of the emotional factor as a competitive differential in Sport; Football Market - Scenario and projections: how to make the "dead ball" a decisive factor in football; Lateralization of the brain and mental syntax in sports. In sports marketing area he was partnered with companies such as Unisport, Player Uruguay, Planet Sports, C.S.R Football and Marketing, Forlán Sports, etc. always taking care of athlete formation and later transfer athletes to new markets. Since 2004, he has been giving Lectures, Workshops and Seminars.


Marcelo Gonçalves

Business Devlopment
Was in the 1998 World Cup as a defender for Brazil’s national team. He made history as a player of Botafogo, where he was champion many times, including the 1995 Brazilian League Championship. Gonçalves is a Castelo Branco University bachelor in Physical Education (1996) and a MBA for Sports Management and Marketing, and another for Sports Management, Marketing and Law, both in FGV/FIFA/CIES. In 1996, while professionally active, he founded the Gonçalves Soccer School, which currently has units in Brazil, contributing to the appearance of Brazilian and international soccer talents such as Thiago Alcântara (Spanish National Team) and Rafinha Alcântara (Gold medal with Brazil’s national team in the 2016 Rio Olympics).


André Soares

Marketing Manager
Graduated in Advertising and Propaganda from the University Federal Fluminense (UFF) and currently attending an MBA in Sports Management and Marketing at Trevisan. Since 2016 he has been working in the field of Communication and Marketing, with experiences in Madureira Esporte Clube and Niterói Basketball Club, as well as providing services for Adidas during Rio 2016, giving support to the events of activation of the brand in the period of the Olympic Games.


Ricardo Hetchman

Extensive formation and love for Marketing, especially startups. Expert in Matchmaking; developer of new economically creative businesses; lecturer; Startups mentor; business consultant for the SMB market; university professor, certified with Excellence in Quality of Services by the Disney Institute, and most of all, passionate and a huge fan of soccer & futsal.



Information Technology by Radix
In the market since 2010, Radix is formed by a team of more than 500 multidisciplinary professionals, with more than 30 years of experience in Engineering, Automation & Industrial IT and Software Development projects. Holds certifications: ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001, CMMI level 5, Crea-RJ level 3, Strategic Defense Company (EED) Certified by Ministry of Defense in Brazil. Great Place to Work - Among the Best Companies to work for in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Latin America. Beginning in 2013 with the expansion of business internationally, Radix bet on the creation of Radix US, the company's arm in Houston.

Offering solutions that interact with each other and that combines knowledge of processes with new technologies. Industry 4.0, Cybersecurity, Chemical Leasing, IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Digital Asset.

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