Parameters and Evaluating

The IES uses 4 dimensions of analysis, that is, categories of evaluations: Technical, Tactical, Behavioral and Physical:

In addition to bringing a whole dimension for analysis of the goalkeepers.

For each category of indicators, the IES brings a complete and a simplified version ready in its solution, each with a list of fundamentals that are evaluated (see table). This allows you to immediately apply the concepts of performance evaluation progressively.

Simplified Parameters Evaluated

Acho que deve mostrar lista básica

Complete Parameters Evaluated

Mostrar lista com número total de parâmetros? Não 1 por 1 mas - 19 Técnica, 13 Tática, Etc...

The great difference of use of the IES is that it allows the evaluation of one or several categories of indicators at the same time, and one or several athletes at the same time. With this, the system automatically assembles for you the evaluation grid which saves a lot of effort, time and work. That is why the IES Platform is considered today one of the best and most innovative evaluation systems in the world.

Because it is an innovative mobile application with access via cell phone or tablet, the system generates great flexibility for coaches who can use the Platform anywhere to communicate with parents and schedule before classes or evaluations.

It also allows to use it in real time in the classes or through manual spreadsheets that simulate the system and that can later be updated in the system in a very simple and fast way.

In addition to the complete automation solution for performance analysis, the daily use of the IES for the management of the agenda and the sending of messages and videos to parents and athletes facilitates communication and increases the perspective of improvement of the young person at a distance. through existing audiovisual contents contained in the platform or created by the coach.

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