Increase Earnings

Time Gain

It allows you to manage alone or with just one assistant classes of 100 or more athletes. You gain time because it improves your communication with athletes and parents, as well as better planning of your classes.

Income Generation

Explore Camps and attract new athletes

Because of the strong attraction and impact that the Card has on young people, many of our schools/clubs hold non-athletes evaluation events. In these events, which are mostly charged, coaches are able to pass on the differentials of the school to friends of athletes or even young people in the community.

Generate new revenue for your school/club through brand management and sponsorship.

It can also be used as a basis for your own group of athletes, your personal classes, or as extra professional activity in the events organized by IES in Brazil and abroad;

The IES also allows the registration of sponsors * in the application, further increasing its revenues;

(*) Revenue in full for the coach, we do not charge any kind of commission on the sponsorship function.

Academic Gain

The IES will allow you to acquire current and innovative skills in athlete performance analysis and evolution. The platform guides and intuitively helps the use of modern techniques that will make your curriculum better and your work more disputed by schools, clubs and projects both in Brazil and abroad. As the IES customer base continues to grow, you will be ensuring greater employability to job opportunities by mastering and applying the IES tool in your trainings and classes.

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