Importance of Evaluation

Despite all of the technologies and methodologies developed in recent decades, we continue to evaluate athlete’s sports performance in an empirical way, without capitalizing for the environment of enormous contributions, theories and scientific methods that have occurred in the recent years.

By making an analogy with other school subjects such as mathematics or languages, for example, a parent knows exactly what was taught throughout the school year, what the teaching methodology is and how the knowledge received during the period is measured.

Clubs/Schools, even today delegate to their teachers/coaches the mission of conducting this process manually. Even in the case of highly qualified professionals who have the qualifications to prepare a good training and evaluation, parents, family, and schools cannot effectively accompany the evolution of their athlete, or know recurrently and scientifically if they are developing or not.

Today's tools to support performance assessments are based on videos and are geared towards professional athletes. A solution of analysis of evolution oriented to Youth Athletes that observes parameters, behaviors, and indicators obtained in a training or game situation, executed in long and short drills, easy to assemble, is not found in the market and its creation requires high investments and professionals specialized to operate.

The IES arises to fill this gap.

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