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Due to the significant improvement in the learning process, the perception of excellence in the delivery of the services and the strong attraction and impact that the Card causes in the young and in the parents, the IES is proven to be a tool that works on the following fronts:

Loyalty of athletes/parents with a unique training experience

Attraction/retention of athletes in sports practices. Faithful customers.

Increased interest in continuous development in sports.

Improvement in the capacity and management of the technical staff

Accompaniment of sports development with the academic

Explore Camps and attract new athletes

Once they have mastered the tool, many of our clients use IES to conduct assessment events for non-athletes. In these events, which are mostly charged, coaches are able to communicate to potential athletes the differences of the school/club. After these events many of the athletes love the experience and formalize their enrollments to become part of the school/club.

Generate new revenue for your school/club with brand management and sponsorship

The IES Platform also allows school/club administrators to sell (*) advertising spaces within the App. These spaces, in addition to exposing the sponsor brand in an innovative and differentiated way, generates additional income, a revenue that in many cases covers integrally investments in the application.

(*) Revenue in full for the school, we do not charge any kind of commission on the sponsorship function.

In addition, the IES has a low monthly maintenance cost and does not require acquisition investments, see:

No acquisition costs

You only pay one monthly fee depending on the athletes active at your school/club

Licenses with full access for up to R $ 290,00 / month

It does not require fidelity. The license can be canceled at any time without any additional costs.

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