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The IES Platform becomes an excellent tool to support the management of several units and franchises. With it the work of standardizing your teaching method and the efficiency of your communication improve greatly. The application of the evaluations in a simple and automated way by its coaches in its units also ensures a better management of the application of the classes and consequently a greater satisfaction of its clients. In addition, the IES improves its control over active athletes because you begin to observe the active cards and not only the ones enrolled. In short:

Manage and Communicate in an agile way with all your units. In IES you register the messages in the Admin and choose to whom you will distribute. Messages can be sent to one or more recipients at the same time;

You can standardize your teaching method and distribute to coaches directly through the App Coach. With this, your coaches will have more time and ease to adjust to the Schools/Clubs method and model of teaching, all this without needing several displacements and time off the agenda;

Manage multiple units easily and simply. When you implement the IES in your school, no athlete wants to be left out. The IES becomes an excellent tool to control enrollments and active athletes. You proceed to account for this by active Card’s within the platform.

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