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Although there are many courses and methodologies for evaluating sports performance, some of them excellent, there is no platform on the market that allows coaches to apply, record and share the results of this process in a simple way based on their practical knowledge.

For the most part, the application tools for the analysis of performance evolution are based on videos and are oriented to the professional athlete. A solution of evolution analysis aimed at young athletes, observing parameters, behaviors, and indicators obtained in a training or game situation, executed in long and short drills easy to assemble, does not exist in the market or requires high investments and specialized professionals to operate.

The IES arises to fill this gap.

The IES uses 4 dimensions of analysis, that is, categories of indicator:

Technical, Tactical, Behavioral, and Physical and brings one unique for the Goalkeeper. For each category of indicators, the IES already offers in its solution a complete and a simplified version of evaluation parameters, each with a list of indicators for evaluation by age group (see table). This allows you to immediately apply the performance evaluations automatically and progressively.

The technical staff (coaches) hold complete freedom to use their own training methodology and keeping all the evolution of the athletes stored in the application. You can also customize the IES. With a few months of use, you will feel prepared to build your own models and choose your own list of parameters/indicators. But If you prefer, you can have the specific indicators for your first day.

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