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Science and technology allow us to explore the reality that surrounds us in completely new ways. Specialized methods and tools bring us the possibility of great optimization of sports performance. From this reality the IES - International Evaluation System was conceived, a performance analysis system that automates the evaluation process respecting the age group of the athlete and the desired objectives with the practice of sport:

  • High Performance
  • Physical Activity
  • Recreation and Inclusion

The initiative emerged in 2014, from a project in Munich with young athletes and coaches licensed by the German Soccer Federation, DFB. Through this we identified the work done in Germany and the rapid effects that its application exerts in the formation of the youth.

With the aim of promoting the foundation of these bases in Brazil, using the passion of our young people for sport to motivate them to seek in quality technical training the bridge for a better future, inside or outside the sport, in addition to promoting the continuous development of coaches and professors improving significantly the whole process of training athletes, we created the IES Platform - International Evaluation System.

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