IES does not interfere with your teaching method but complements it by introducing modern concepts of performance analysis into your school/club. Bringing the teacher/coach a simple and intuitive possibility of creating a history of individual analysis for athletes. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and groups, increasing the efficiency and perceived value of the work in the classes and training.

  1. The "Evaluation Card" with the brand of your school that your athletes and parents have access to and the possibility of sharing, transform the IES platform into an important tool for attracting and conquering new athletes, as well as an extra source of income for your institution.
  1. The "Events" module enables the possibility of creating and managing events in a simple way, allowing athletes and parents to remain updated with access to the address, agenda, access maps, etc. of their events, games and tournaments.
  1. Easy to use through the innovation and usability of the App via tablet or cell phone which allows the coach to manage a large volume of athletes without the need for a frame increase or extra costs.
  2. Delivery of information through a personalized experience while providing evaluation criteria's to be used with your own teaching methods 
  1. Register coaches, athletes and all their communication material, such as videos, training strategies, tickets, ebooks, etc. Improve the management of the registration of your athletes and parents, without the needof extra work for the responsible and administrator of your school/club.
  1. Include up to 2 sponsors or supporters of your project and improve the exposure of your sponsor's brand by financially exploring this new communication space.
  1. Customize the tool in your own way, reaching your customers with a differentiated experience of your brand. Customize the app with your logo and colors.
  1. It greatly improves the communication between the school, coaches, parents and athletes. With specific modules for sending messages, files, videos, etc.

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