The great differential in using IES is that it allows the evaluation of optimized performance. All processes are automated and facilitated by the system. With it, you can evaluate at one time one or many categories of indicators, one or many performance indicators and one or many athletes at the same time. The system automatically assembles the evaluation grid for you and saves you a lot of effort, time and work, as well as minimizing errors and distortions

The IES is more than an evaluation system. IES brings to schools, clubs, coaches, parents and athletes a complete solution:

  1. Performance Analysis

Automation of performance analysis. All this personalized with the colors and logos of the school/club.

  1. ​Individual Awards

Automated individual awards based on the performance of the individual

  1. Communication

Modern communication between institutions, coaches, parents & athletes

  1. Evaluation Card (App Athlete)

An Athlete App where parents and athletes have the Card available with the athlete's evaluation, coaches messages, videos and a complete calendar of events

  1. App Coach with team’s creation and management, communications with parents and athletes, being able to send videos and event information. All while being able to follow what the School and Club wants, directly from the App.
  1. Personalized with your colors, logos and more.


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