In addition to the complete automation solution for performance analysis, the IES optimizes the day-to-day of its users with its agenda management solutions and the sending of messages in text or videos. This greatly facilitates communication and increases athlete’s improvement at a distance through audiovisual content already introduced on the platform or created by the coach.

IES brings a complete solution: ​​​​

The IES Platform is considered today one of the best and most innovative evaluation systems in the world.

1. Content

Use a collection of videos and materials available for use, as well as allowing you to easily include your own videos, from training, classes or even conquests, tournaments and prizes.

2. Interaction

Encourages interaction with parents and athletes who constantly introduce themselves to new techniques and tactics, consult their card's, see their evolution over time, compare with friends.

3. Sharing

Distribute videos, messages, alerts, class planning, by the application itself. Send messages to all classes, groups or even to each athlete individually.

4. Organization

Programming of classes, gamesand events on the calendar with immediate visualization for all involved.

5. Innovation

The evolution is stored, and the interaction is made through an application, which makes athletes increase trust in the work and feel motivated to continue training.

6. Flexibility

The technical staff (coaches) have complete freedom to use their own training methodology, keeping all the evolution of the athletes stored in the App. 

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