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Research shows that expressive volumes of our youth abandon programs and practices of sports initiation every year around the world. The inclusion, permanence, and success of young athletes in sports reveal that families support, along with other psychological variables such as motivation, competitive spirit, coach-athlete relationship, a perception of competence and self-esteem which are essential.

The Card IES arises to integrate:


IES acceptance by the youth is extraordinary and the desire to possess one, immediate. It uses an innovative language, current and modern, and a design that reflects the evaluations in the same format used by the best games in the world.

By receiving grades and the individualized award of their evolutions through a CARD, young athletes remain motivated with the exercises and have a greater tendency not to abandon the sport, in addition to always looking for an improvement.

In the Card, all the information related to the athletes/students performance are displayed in the evaluated categories. The historical evolution of the evaluations is recorded so parents/guardians can also access and assist to create an accurate idea of their development and guide the learning effort.

The coach can very easily send content linked to the training, observe athletes performance during work in real-time, to generate a significant improvement in experience.

In addition, the young athlete and the parents love to share the "Card" with friends. This engagement and sharing of the evaluation "Card" attracts new athletes, by motivating friends of athletes, interested in having a Card of their own, just like the video games!

The IES quickly becomes a tool that builds loyalty, attracts new customers and brings innovation to your operation.

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