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The IES - International Evaluation System is a systemic performance evaluation platform that automates the evaluation process respecting the athlete's age and the desired objectives with sports practice: high performance, physical activity and recreation and inclusion.

It consists of 3 interconnected modules: One administrator system and two Apps: App Coach and App Athlete, both developed on Android and IOS, accessed by password and available in the Play Store and App Store.

More than a performance evaluation and analysis system, IES brings a complete automation solution for managing the relationship between school, parents and coaches and the ease of standardizing, executing and evaluating the application of its teaching method.

Register Teams, Coaches, Assistants Athletes, Parents/Guardians, and offer videos and contents oriented to the application of every class. You can also use and distribute the entire collection of exercises and videos available in the IES library.

Coach creates & manages the classes and executes the evaluation process in a simple and automatic way. All this process is shared with parents and athletes through the functions available in the App

For Athletes and Parents/Guardians, the experience is through the Card, contained in the App. The Card displays the feedback of the evaluations in a playful way, with automated and well-detailed reports on the learning process. Including access to messages, calendar, and videos sent by Coaches or Club/School.

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